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امرود Guava Varieties to Grow at Home in Pakistan (2024)


Explore the Different Guava Varieties to Grow at Home in Pakistan

Amrood is a popular fruit in Pakistan because of its sweet flavor and many health benefits. Guava is full of vitamins, especially C and A. Growing amrood tree in the home garden is easy. You enjoy the fresh and organic fruit and it also enhances the beauty of the home garden.

The first step of growing guava in the home garden is selection of the variety. There are many varieties of guava in Pakistan. Each variety has a different taste, size,  appearance, and disease resistance. By choosing the right variety you can set the stage for a successful harvest.

Guava trees grow successfully in many regions of Pakistan. Sharaqpur Sharif is a popular city for guavas in Pakistan. By taking care of the amrood tree you’ll soon be on your way to enjoying the homegrown guavas straight from your garden. In this article, we will list down guava varieties to grow at home in Pakistan.

Guava Varieties to Grow at Home in Pakistan

Safeda (سفیدہ):

Safeda which is known as white guava is one of the most popular varieties in Pakistan. This variety has a pale green color and turns slightly yellowish when they are fully ripe. The shape of the fruit is round and sometimes slightly oval. It also has a light fragrance when ripe. The reason why this variety is famous is its sweet flavor. When fully ripe the flesh is soft. It has small seeds edible seeds. White guava tree height can reach up to 15 feet maximum.

L-49 (۴۹لکھنؤ):

L-49 which is also known as Lucknow 49 is a popular guava variety in Pakistan. This variety is highly suitable for home gardens. It is famous for its high yield potential, disease resistance, and adaptability. The shape of the guava is round to slightly oval. The guava turns yellow when fully ripe. The taste is sweet with a hint of tartness. The flesh of Lucknow 49 is soft. The height of mature L-49 trees can be from 10 to 15 ft.


Chittidar variety can also be grown in home gardens.  The tree size of this variety can grow large as compared to other varieties. The fruit has pinkish-red spots. This variety is similar to the white guava (safeda) variety. The flesh is soft and juicy. When fully ripe the color of the fruit changes to slightly yellow.

Choti Sorahi (چھوٹی سورہی):

Choti sorahi is also a popular variety of amroods in Pakistan. The size of trees is small as compared to the other varieties. The taste of this variety is intensely sweet and aromatic.  The flesh of the fruit can be from white to pale yellow. The shape of the fruit is generally round or oval. This variety has smooth and thin skin.

Sada bahar (سدا بہار):

Sada bahar amrood variety is famous because of its consistent fruiting throughout the year. The tree size is compact as compared to other varieties. The taste of sada bahar guava is a combination of sweetness and tartness. The shape of the fruit is the same as other varieties round or oval.

China Gola (چائنہ گولہ):

China gola fruit size can be from medium size to large with pale yellow to light green skin. The tree can reach the height of 15 ft. The china gola is one of the popular guava varieties to Grow at Home in Pakistan. This variety has sweet and aromatic flavor. Like other varieties, china gola also has a pleasant aroma when fully ripe.

Black Guava (کالا امرود):

Black guava is a Thailand variety and has become popular in Pakistan. Black guava is black from outside and dark red from inside. The fruit is sweet in taste. Black guava tree branches are of red color. This variety starts fruiting in less time as compared to other varieties. It also enhances the beauty of the garden.

Ruby Supreme pink (روبی سپریم پنک):

This variety is an imported pink variety. Ruby supreme fruit size is medium and taste is sweet. The color of the flesh is pink. When fully ripe the skin color is green to yellow. The flesh of ruby supreme is juicy and tender. Ruby supreme tree is generally medium sized.


Can I grow guava in pots?

Yes, guava can be grown in pots. There are dwarf imported varieties of guava in Pakistan that can grow in pots with proper care and maintenance.

How long does it take for guava trees to bear fruit?

Amrood trees generally start bearing fruit within 2 years of planting. Fruit also depends on the variety and growing conditions.

Are guava trees susceptible to any diseases in Pakistan?

Guava trees in Pakistan may face diseases such as anthracnose, powdery mildew, and guava wilt, but proper care and preventive measures can minimize their impact.

What is the best time to plant guava trees in Pakistan?

The best time to plant guava trees in Pakistan is from September to October and from February to March.  

Can I propagate guava trees from seeds?

Yes, guava trees can be propagated from seeds, although it may take longer to bear fruit compared to grafted trees.