Top 12 Fruit Trees in Pakistan You Can Grow | Boost Your Garden’s Beauty|2024|



fruit trees in Pakistan. Pakistan is blessed country to have four seasons and fertile land, making it the perfect location to produce a huge variety of fruit trees. The farmers and gardeners are looking for fruit trees that has fast growth rate in order to produce a quick and considerable yield since the demand for fresh and nutrient-dense fruits is rising. The 12 best fruit trees that grow in Pakistan’s climate and produce a variety of delicious and healthy fruits which you can cultivate in your garden will be discussed in this article.

Mango Trees: The King of Fruits

Mango, which is known as “King of Fruits”. Pakistani mangoes are the most liked fruit all over the world. Mangos are full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. The famous Pakistani mango varieties, are Sindhri, Chaunsa, and Anwar Ratol, because of their delicious flavor and aroma. Mango trees are one of easiest fruit trees in Pakistan to grow and thrive in Pakistan’s tropical environment, producing a lot of fruit within a few years. Multan city is famous for its delicious mangos.

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Guava Trees (Amrood)

Guava trees are good option to grow in your garden because they are fast growing fruit trees in Pakistan and their endurance and adaptation to different temperatures. Guavas are rich in antioxidants, dietary fibre, and vitamin C. The known varieties are Red Allahabad, and White Sufaida. Guava trees are ideal for farmers and gardeners since they can tolerate serve weather conditions and start bearing fruit in few years. Larkana city is famous for its delicious guavas.

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Citrus Trees

The climate of Pakistan is ideal for citrus trees, such as those that produce oranges, lemons, and grapefruits. Citrus fruits are full of vitamin C. In Pakistan there are, many varieties are grown, including Kinnow, Malta, and Early fruiter. Citrus trees are fast growing fruit trees in Pakistan. Citrus trees can begin producing fruit in just two years after cultivating. People love citrus fruit because of their vivid colors and delicious tastes. Sargodha city is famous for kinnows.

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Pomegranate Trees (Anaar)

There are several health benefits of pomegranates. Pomegranates are contains high quantity of antioxidants. Pomegranate/Anaar grows successfully in Pakistan’s dry regions. The varieties which are famous in Pakistan for there delicious flavour are Kandhari, Shalimar Ruby. In Pakistan, Kandhari anaar is the most popular variety. Pomegranate tree can start giving you fruit after 2 years of cultivating. Pomegranate/Anaar tree will also increase the beauty of you garden.

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Papaya Trees (Papeeta)

Papaya/Papeeta is a tropical fruit it can easily grow Pakistan. Papaya is a rich source of digestive enzymes and vitamins A and C. Papaya trees are fruit trees in Pakistan which has fast growth rate and mature in just a year or two. The popular varieties in Pakistan are Red lady, Punjab sweet and Pusa Nanha because of their taste make them popular. Papaya trees are an excellent choice for home gardens because to their advantageous low maintenance requirements.

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Olive Trees (Zaitoon)

Olive tree has become popular in Pakistan because cultivating more olive trees can support our economy by exporting olive oil. Olives has number of benefits for health. Production of olive oil in Pakistan has grown rapidly in recent years. Baluchistan and parts of Punjab have climates that are good for growing olives. The growth rate of olive trees slow as compared to other fruit trees. Once olive tree starts fruiting it provide farmers with a reliable source of income.

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Fig Trees (Anjeer)

Fig are famous for their flavor and health benefits. Fig trees successfully grow in Punjab. Fig trees are especially suited to the coastal regions of Sindh and Baluchistan. The fig tree begin to produce fruit in a few years because of their fast growth. The taste and health benefits of figs make them an excellent addition to any garden.

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Mulberry Trees (Shehtoot)

Mulberry/Shehtoot which is locally known as “toot” grows successfully in Pakistan. Antioxidants and vitamin C are high in mulberries. Mulberries can start giving you fruit in a few years their growth is fast. Mulberry fruit trees are an excellent option for home gardens. As the leaves are the main food source for silkworms, they also provide extra advantages.

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Avocado Trees

Avocado trees have drawn more attention in recent years. The avocado tree can grow in areas of Baluchistan and Sindh. When growing avocado there are some requirements, such as well-drained soil and protection from cold. Although avocado tree take a time to become mature but it still has a impressive growth rate. Avocado gives high quantity of healthy fats and are a popular ingredient in various cuisines and salads.

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Loquat Trees

Loquat are small, juicy fruits with a tangy-sweet flavor popular fruit in Pakistan. Loquat grows successfully in Punjab, they are extremely well-liked. A loquat tree can bear fruit in two to three years and develops quickly. They make a lovely addition to gardens and orchards thanks to their distinctive flavor and appealing look.

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Peach Trees (Aarhu)

People enjoy the sweet, fragrant fruits that peach trees provide. They grow in Pakistan’s colder areas like Swat and Murree. Florida Prince, 8-A are popular varieties in swat region. And Golden, shah pasand are varieties are also popular.. Peach trees grow quickly and can start producing fruit in just two to three years.

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Plum Trees (Aalu Bukhara)

Plums are tasty fruits. They may be cultivated successfully in many different places and are suited for Pakistan’s many climates. The popular fruit known as plums is renowned for both its exceptional nutritional value and its delicious flavor. In a few years, plum trees can begin producing fruit due to their rapid growth. When properly cared for, they might yield lots of fruit and beautify any garden.

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Q1: In Pakistan, how long does it take for mango trees to produce fruit?

Ans: Mango trees in Pakistan often begin providing fruit in three to five years, depending on the species and growth climate.

Q2: Which citrus varieties are best suited for cultivation in Pakistan?

Ans: The tangy flavor and adaptation to the local climate make the citrus types Kinnow, Malta, and Early Fruiter are some of the most well-liked ones grown in Pakistan.

Q3: Are hybrid fruit trees in Pakistan more prone to diseases?

Ans: Fast growing fruit trees can be prone to illnesses, but with the right care which includes regular inspection, pest management, and maintaining ideal growing conditions the risk can be reduced.

Q4: Can avocado trees be grown in all regions of Pakistan?

Ans: Avocado trees need specific environmental factors to develop, such as protection from frost. Avocados can be grown successfully in parts of Sindh and Balochistan in Pakistan.

Q5: How long does it take for peach trees to bear fruit in Pakistan?

Ans: Peach trees in Pakistan often start producing fruit two to three years after they are planted, depending on the specific variety and environmental factors.