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Guide to Grow Dragon Fruit at Home in Pakistan ڈریگن فروٹ



Dragon fruit belongs to the cactus family and another common name is pitaya. Dragon fruit has become popular in Pakistan in less time because of its delicious taste and health benefits. This fruit controls diabetes and improves heart health. By cultivating dragon fruit in Pakistan has a lot of potential for farmers.

So with many health benefits and as a new addition to fruit farming in Pakistan, you will also be thinking about how to grow dragon fruit at home in Pakistan. The answer is yes. Dragon fruit can successfully be grown in home gardens

In this article, you will get all the information to grow dragon fruit at home in Pakistan. From the varieties of dragon fruit in Pakistan to their water and care requirements. Let’s get started!

how to grow dragon fruit at home in Pakistan
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Varieties of Dragon Fruit in Pakistan

There are three varieties of dragon fruit in Pakistan. Hylocereus undatus (white-fleshed), Hylocereus costaricensis (red-fleshed), and Hylocereus megalanthus (yellow-fleshed). The popular variety among these is red fleshed. The most dragon fruit available in the market is red fleshed.

  • Red-Fleshed:

This variety is mostly grown in Pakistan because of its delicious sweet taste. The flesh is of pinkish red color according to its name and from outside it is also red. The flesh is juicy and has small edible seeds of black color.

  • White-Fleshed:

The white-fleshed dragon fruit is not very sweet. It naturally has less sugar content which is beneficial for diabetes. The fruit from the outside is red and the flesh is white. Similar to the red flesh variety it also has small black.

  • Yellow-Fleshed:

The yellow-fleshed dragon fruit taste is very sweet with a hint of tanginess. The fruit from the outside is yellow and the flesh is creamy white or light yellow color. This variety also has small black edible seeds.

How to Grow Dragon Fruit Plant at Home in Pakistan

Dragon fruit plants in Pakistan can be grown from seeds but it is recommended to buy plants from nurseries. The best time to plant dragon fruit in your garden or pots is spring season.

Requirements to Grow Dragon Fruit at Home in Pakistan


Dragon fruit grows successfully in warm climates. Pakistan’s climate is well suited for dragon fruit plants to grow. Dragon fruit plants need full-day sunlight to produce healthy fruit.


Dragon fruit requires well-draining soil. Always mix decomposed cow manure in the soil before planting dragon plants add organic matter will make the soil more well-draining and increase soil fertility. To get the best results use sandy soil otherwise don’t worry dragon fruit plants will give you good results in normal soil.


Dragon fruit belongs to the cactus family and it stores water so it does not require much watering. The watering should be done when the soil is completely dry otherwise overwatering can cause root rot. When you are growing dragon fruit in pots or containers make sure that it has enough drainage holes to avoid overwatering.


Dragon fruit plants need to be fertilized every month in the growing season to get healthy fruit. Use balanced fertilizer NPK 5-15-45 because in the growing season dragon fruit plants need more potassium. Do not fertilize dragon plants in the dormancy period.

Providing Support:

Dragon fruit plants cannot grow without support. When the plant is of 5 to 6 inches it is necessary to provide support. Use a stake to support when the plant is young tie the stake with the main stem with soft ties. After that, you can use the trellising method to support dragon fruit plant growth.


Pruning of dragon fruit plants is essential to keep the plant in shape and can control the height. Pruning also improves air circulation which supports healthy growth and increases fruiting.

Pests and Diseases:

Pests and diseases do not really attack dragon fruit plants. The pests and diseases that can attack are mealybugs and scale insects. If you notice any pest or disease on dragon fruit then you can use insecticidal soap and neem oil.

After How Much Time Does Dragon Fruit Plant In Pakistan Starts Fruiting?

Dragon fruit plant growth rate is fast and starts producing fruit in very little time after planting. Generally, dragon fruit plant in Pakistan starts fruiting in less than a year in a garden and can take more than a year in containers. After flowering it takes 40 to 50 days for the dragon fruit to be ready to harvest.

Propagation of Dragon Fruit Plant:

The propagation of dragon fruit can be done through seeds and cuttings. The most common and easy method is by cuttings.

Common Challenges:

The common challenges that you can face are related to pollination and nutrient deficiency.  To overcome pollination problems you grow seasonal flowers in your garden to attract more pollinators and to overcome nutrient deficiency you can use organic fertilizer or buy balanced fertilizer.


Growing dragon fruit plants at home in Pakistan can be rewarding by keeping in mind the requirements and choosing the right variety.  By taking proper care you can successfully get a lot of delicious fruit in less time.