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Fast Growing Trees in Pakistan For Home Privacy-2024



Find simple privacy solutions in Pakistan with fast growing trees. In addition to enhancing your home’s attractiveness, trees will give you privacy. Discover popular choices like Neem and Ashok trees, which grow quickly and perform well in Pakistan’s climate. The list of fast growing trees in Pakistan is provided below.

Neem Tree

The neem tree (Azadirachta indica) in Pakistan has a fast growth rate for creating privacy and increasing the beauty of the house. The neem tree belongs to the mahogany family. Neem is an evergreen tree but sometimes due to weather conditions leaves can shed. This tree can survive in tough conditions and some serious pests and diseases do not attack trees.

Neem tree can grow about 10 ft in 1 year and the maximum height neem can grow is almost 50ft. As you know neem tree also purify the air and have many other benefits for human health. Neem tree will also provide shade in that area. Neem plant is easily available in nurseries and it is not expensive.

fast growing trees in Pakistan
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Bamboo Tree

Bamboo which is locally known as Baans. It is used in the construction industry Tables, chairs, and fences are also made from bamboo. If you want both beauty and privacy in your house bamboo tree is also a good option for you. Bamboo is fast growing tree in Pakistan. The growth speed of bamboo is pretty fast. Clumping bamboo is best for privacy.

Bamboo tree is very hardy they can grow easily in all weather conditions. Being a hardy plant pest and diseases does not affect the health of bamboo. New shoots from the ground also start to grow in March and April (spring season). Plant it with the boundary walls once they are fully grown and will create a privacy screen they look beautiful.

fast growing trees in Pakistan
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Ashok Tree (Ulta Ashoka)

Ashok (polyathia longifolia) tree which is commonly known as ulta ashok or sorrow-less tree. Ulta Ashok is an evergreen tree and it is commonly used for creating privacy screens and for medicinal purposes. Ashok tree grows in a vertical direction it does not spread wide more than 6fts. Ulta Ashok has beautiful green glossy leaves. Ashok tree will also stop noise pollution from entering your privacy.

Ashok tree can grow vertically maximum of about 30ft. Other than privacy purposes you can also plant Ashok in your garden it increases the beauty of the garden and in the spring season Ashok tree blooms with green flowers so it will also attract butterflies & birds to your garden.

fast growing trees in Pakistan
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Leyland Cypress

Leyland cypress (Cupressus) is considered best for creating privacy screens and preventing noise from entering your house. it is also one of the fast growing trees in Pakistan which will increase the beauty of your home/garden. It is an evergreen tree sometimes branches change their color in winter. It is a low-maintenance tree.

Leyland cypress growth rate is very fast it can grow about 30 ft in height and spread from the base about 10-12 ft. This tree can grow about 3 feet in a year. After you plant the Leyland cypress within a few years a beautiful privacy screen will be made. Use well-drained soil when planting Leyland cypress because root rot problems are common in small plants. Once it becomes mature the root rot problem does not happen.

fast growing trees in Pakistan
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Ficus Benjamin

The ficus Benjamin is commonly known as the weeping fig Or simply the ficus tree. It is an ornamental tree that increases the beauty of the house and garden. It is also one of the fast growing trees in Pakistan. Ficus is also commonly used to make privacy walls and fences in the house. It is an evergreen tree. You can plant a ficus in line the space between two trees while planting should be a minimum of 2ft.

Ficus tree can grow 2 to 3 feet in a year depending on the weather and soil conditions. within 3 to 4 years you can see a beautiful privacy wall. You can also prune to keep the tree in shape. Ficus trees grow well in warm weather. In winter the growth can be slower or maybe stopped. Any serious disease does not attack the tree. The Ficus tree is very hardy. Mealybugs can attack but that’s not a big deal.

fast growing trees in Pakistan
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Kachnaar (bauhinia variegate) other common names are mountain ebony and camel’s foot. It can be planted to create a privacy wall because of its beautiful appearance. Kachnaar is a flowering tree. It is a beautiful ornamental tree. It is one of the fast-growing trees in Pakistan for creating privacy and increasing the beauty of the house. The color of Kachnaar flowers is pink.

Kachnaar has many health benefits. Kachnaar can grow a maximum of 30 to 35 feet depending on various factors. The flowers bloom in the spring season. Kachnaar is easily available in nurseries. The best Planting season for Kachnaar is in March and September. This tree also attracts birds.

fast growing trees in Pakistan
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Indian Beech Tree (Sukh Chain)

Indian beech tree (Pongamia pinnata) is locally known as sukh chain. Sukh chain is a beautiful evergreen and fast growing trees in Pakistan. It can be used to create privacy walls. Sukh chain is famous because of its dense shade. The maximum height of an Indian beech tree can be 15 to 17 meters. Sukh chain tree leaves are used in medicines.

Sukh chain tree has beautiful shiny green leaves. It will also control noise entering your privacy. The Indian beech tree is very hardy it can survive in all weather conditions but in winter when the temperature drops below zero degrees growth can be affected.

fast growing trees in Pakistan
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Mulberry (Morus) is locally known as shehtoot or toot tree. It is one of the fast-growing trees in Pakistan that is also used to create privacy screens. Shehtoot trees are also one of the fast-growing fruit trees in Pakistan. Mulberry tree starts fruiting in 2 years. It has a long fruit period which starts at the end of spring and till mid of summer.

There are two types of mulberries white and red but we will recommend you plant red mulberry for creating a privacy screen in your house because red mulberries with green leaves will increase your home or garden’s beauty. The maximum height a mulberry tree grows is 30 ft you can prune it once a year (December- January) from the start to keep the tree in shape. Mulberry tree grows well in the summer season. In winter leaves can drop because of frost.

fast growing trees in Pakistan
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Fast growing trees in Pakistan give homes privacy and improve home appearance in a short time. Additionally planting trees in the home helps the environment. However, it is important to consider factors like the tree’s suitability for the local climate and proper maintenance to ensure successful growth. By leveraging these trees strategically, individuals can enjoy enhanced privacy while simultaneously contributing positively to the ecosystem.


How does bamboo compare as a privacy option, and when is the best time to plant it?

Bamboo trees, locally known as Baans, are excellent for creating both privacy and aesthetic beauty. They grow rapidly, with new shoots emerging in spring (March-April). Planting them along boundary walls once they’re mature creates an attractive privacy screen.

What are the key features of the Ashok tree, and how does it contribute to privacy?

The Ashok tree (Polyalthia longifolia), also called Ulta Ashoka, is fast-growing, reaching a maximum height of about 30 feet. It’s ideal for creating privacy screens due to its vertical growth and lush green leaves. Additionally, it stops noise pollution and attracts butterflies and birds.

What’s the significance of fast-growing trees for privacy in Pakistan, and what factors should be taken into account when planting them?

Fast-growing trees in Pakistan offer quick privacy solutions and enhance the aesthetics of homes. It’s important to consider factors like local climate suitability and proper maintenance for successful growth and overall positive environmental impact.

What are the environmental advantages of neem trees and how fast do they grow?

They purify the air and have various health benefits. They are hardy and can withstand tough conditions. Neem trees have a fast growth rate. Neem can grow 10 feet in a year.

How does Kachnaar contribute to privacy, and when is the best time for planting?

Kachnaar is a fast-growing flowering tree, reaching up to 30-35 feet. It’s recommended for creating privacy due to its attractive appearance and is best planted in March or September. It also attracts birds.