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How Can You Collect Chrysanthemum Seeds? (2024)


Blooms to Seeds: Tips to Get More Flowers & Guide to Collect Chrysanthemum Seeds

Chrysanthemum is always the first choice for many people when planting flowers in gardens. These flowers are also known as “MUMS” and “GUL-E-DAWOODI” in Pakistan and India. Chrysanthemum has many different colors which increase the overall look of the garden.

Chrysanthemum is simple to grow and does not require much maintenance even a beginner can grow it easily. This article will be about how to collect chrysanthemum seeds and save them for next year. We will discuss the step-by-step process of collecting chrysanthemum seeds. You do not need to spend money every year to plant flowers in your garden.

Chrysanthemum belongs to the Asteraceae family. Chrysanthemum has a wide range of colors white, red, purple, and yellow. There are thousands of varieties of chrysanthemum flowers with different shapes around the world. These flowers are also used in the treatment of serious diseases like cancer.

Collect Chrysanthemum Seeds
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Identifying The Right Plants To Collect Chrysanthemum Seeds

Before collecting the seeds it is crucial to identify the plants which are healthy. Choose plants that have healthy foliage and thick stems. The plants should not be affected by any disease. The seeds harvested from weak plants will not give better results.

The Right Time To Collect Chrysanthemum Seeds

It is important to know the right time to collect chrysanthemum seeds because if the seeds are not properly mature they will not grow. The ideal time to collect chrysanthemum seeds is after the bloom reaches its peak and starts to wilt.

When the petals of blooms start dropping and the flower head turns brown then it is a sign that the seeds are now ready to harvest. Place the plants of which you want to collect seeds indoors or cover them to protect them from rain. 

How To Collect Chrysanthemum Seeds

Collecting chrysanthemum seeds is a simple process that can be done by beginners. Once the seeds are ready to harvest take a sharp shear and cut the seed heads. We recommend you cut some stems with seed heads. Collect them in the basket and put them in a dry and ventilated area. It is important to dry the seed heads properly before collecting seeds. You can put them in sunlight to dry seed heads. 

After the seed heads are completely dried place a cloth or paper towel and rub or squeeze the seed heads gently the seeds will start dropping on the cloth. The seeds are small and elongated in shape. The color of the seeds can be from brown to black depending on the varieties. Pick the remaining flowers from the seeds to make them clean.

How to Store Chrysanthemum Seeds For Next Year’s Planting

After collecting and cleaning the chrysanthemum seeds it is important to save the seeds properly for the next year’s planting. Make sure that you completely dry the seeds before storing them. We recommend you put the seeds after drying in a paper envelope to prevent moisture because the paper will absorb the moisture.

You can put the seeds in air air-tight jar which will also protect the seeds from moisture. If seeds will get moisture it will damage seeds and you will not get good results at the time of planting. Use the stored seeds of chrysanthemum within 2 years for successful results.

Collect Chrysanthemum Seeds
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How To Grow The Stored Chrysanthemum Seeds

It is important that you sow the seeds at the right time for outstanding results. The best time to sow the seeds is between 15 FEBRUARY to 15 MAY according to your area’s weather. If you are sowing seeds in FEBRUARY then growing them in pots is recommended and placing them indoors to prevent cold weather. If growing in APRIL then you can directly sow seeds in the garden.

Use well-drained soil and it will be beneficial to add some organic matter in the soil. If growing in a garden then properly loose the soil first and then place the seed on the surface and press about half an inch in the soil. The soil should be moist all the time after sowing the seed. Sow seeds with proper spacing which can be according to the variety of chrysanthemums.

The recommended space is from 8-12 inches. Proper spacing is important because it encourages air circulation.  When growing in pots make sure it has a proper drainage hole.

Tips To Get More Flowers

To get flowers on chrysanthemum plants you can follow our tips. Firstly choose the area in the garden where the plants get maximum sunlight. After that proper spacing plays an important role in getting more flowers from chrysanthemum plants. Proper spacing allows more air circulation which decreases the risk of diseases. Proper air circulation promotes the overall health of plants.

Another important factor in getting more flowers is the right fertilization schedule. Start using a balanced fertilizer NPK (20-20-20) when the plant has grown a minimum of 3 to 4 leaves. Fertilize the plants after every 15 days. Before using fertilizer read the instructions and dosage on the pack.

After using NPK (20-20-20) 2-3 times start using NPK (5-15-45) because at the initial stage, plants need more nitrogen and afterward a flowering plant needs more potassium than nitrogen. Always use fertilizer when the soil is moist for better results.

To encourage more flowering make sure that soil has moisture all the time. Do not overwater your plants which can cause root rot and increase the risk of diseases. Only water the plants when you see the upper surface dry. If your plants are in pots then make sure that pots have drainage holes so that extra water can drain.

Collect Chrysanthemum Seeds
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The chrysanthemum flowers are beautiful and many gardeners grow every year in their garden. Following the guidelines explained in this article you can collect the chrysanthemum seeds for next year planting and save money. To collect chrysanthemum seeds you do not require any experience beginner can do this simple process. After collecting seeds store them in air air-tight jar to prevent moisture. Following the proper storing method is important for better results in next year’s planting.


How do I select healthy chrysanthemum plants for seed collection?

Select the plants to collect chrysanthemum seeds which have lush green foliage and no signs of disease. Collecting seeds from weak plants will not give good results.

What tips can help me get more flowers from chrysanthemum plants?

Select a place where plants get full-day sunlight, ensure proper spacing to promote air circulation, and follow a fertilization schedule. Start with NPK (20-20-20) fertilizer and transition to NPK (5-15-45) for flowering. Water plants when the soil surface is dry to avoid overwatering.

Can I collect chrysanthemum seeds without any gardening experience?

Yes, You can collect chrysanthemum seeds without any experience it is a simple process. Use sharp shears to cut seed heads, including some stems. Dry them in a ventilated area, and gently rub or squeeze the seed heads to release seeds.

How should I store collected chrysanthemum seeds for next year planting?

Completely dry the chrysanthemum seeds before storing them. Before storing in airtight jar dry the seed in sunlight. Use the seeds within 2 years for optimal results.

When is the best time to sow stored chrysanthemum seeds for planting?

Sow seeds between February 15 to May 15, depending on your area’s weather. For February, grow in pots indoors; for April, sow directly in the garden. Use well-drained soil and maintain moisture after sowing.